Güthle Today

With Güthle, swift die changes always run smoothly. We offer standard components or customised solutions: Fast, safe, clean - and from a single source - since 1925.

There is no such thing as impossible! Nearly 90 years after our founding, one of our main beliefs is still that even the most demanding tasks can be solved. Technical manoeuvrability in tight spaces is the strength of our bestselling DILOS die change transporter. Intellectual manoeuvrability is a virtue anchored in the minds of our Güthle workforce. This virtue allows us to respond swiftly, in a customer-oriented manner, to a dynamic market with ever-changing conditions and requirements.

Clamping, changing, transporting
– we set the tone with this triad when it comes to swift die changings, and our rollers still play the leading role. Our ROLLBLOC system makes it possible to move extremely heavy dies as if by magic and to precisely position them for installation. The T-groove designed ball bars make even the heaviest dies look weightless. This constantly evolving technology still forms the core of our product range.

Throughout the development of the ROLLBLOC line, we at Güthle have been in constant dialogue with our customers and have expanded our range to meet customer requirements. Our complex DILOS systems were inspired by customer products and concepts to enable the automated die change of heavy-duty press dies, pursuant to individual requirements and specifications. 

Güthle products leave no question unanswered when it die comes to clamping, changing, and transporting.

Much has changed on our journey from a small locksmith to a company with worldwide market coverage.

But one thing has remained the same: good things come from Güthle.

See for yourself.