History in Numbers

1973 Takeover by F. K. Wissner Realignment, replacing the product range with die handling systems
1974 Development of spring supported ROLLBLOC die loading arms
1975 Development of die changing consoles
1978 Development of hydraulically actuated ROLLBLOC die lifters
1979 Exportation to the USA, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden
1982 Move to larger company premises in Ebersbach; the manufacture of motorised die changing consoles
1984 Development of die carts
1989 Renting of an additional production facility
1991 New range of non-tracked powered die change lift trucks ROLLBLOC BUGGY
1994 Development of hydraulic clamping elements
1996 Further development of ROLLBLOC BUGGY to DILOS TRUCK with up to 100 kN carrying capacity
1998 Significant extension and construction measures
1999 Product distribution in standard components and system solutions
2001 SlipGrip development, double-T clamping bars
2002 DILOS change plates with SlipGrip
2003 DILOS Shuttle carrying up to 60 tons in die weight
2004 DILOS storage technology
2005 ROLLBLOC transverse displacement device for console
2006 New generation of ROLLBLOC wedge clamps and hydraulic aggregates
2007 Johannes Maier becomes CEO
2008 Introduction of Standard Die Consoles with Motorized Push/Pull Drive
2009 Export expansion to Russia, India and Brazil
2010 Development of Non-Tracked Die Change Carts up to 300 kN
2012 New Product Catalogs for Clamping, Die Change and Die Transport Technologies
2013 Continued development of Dilos Die Trucks up to 160 kN capacity
2014 Partnered with PROTEC Process and Technology Centrum in Lennestadt
2016 New Website